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Learn More About How to File a Personal Injury Claim

Suffering an unexpected injury in an accident can be a devastating event. Forzano Law Firm can help you get appropriate compensation from the at-fault party to help you cover the cost of your medical bills and other expenses. We understand this process can be confusing for those who don’t have experience, and you probably have questions. We’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers to help you understand more about the process.

What Are Some Examples of Personal Injury Cases?

There are many examples of personal injuries that warrant legal action to help you get compensation. Personal injury cases are a type of legal dispute that comes about when a person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and that accident or injury may have been caused by the negligence of another individual. If the injured person can prove that the harm they suffered was the fault of the other individual, they are legally eligible to receive compensation for their injuries from the at-fault party. An experienced lawyer will be able to successfully argue your case and get you the compensation you deserve. The most common types of personal injury cases include:

Auto accidents

Slip and fall accidents

Construction accidents

Product liability

What Do I Do After an Accident?

Following an accident, it can be difficult to know what to do. If you feel that you were wrongly injured through the fault of another individual, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses and other concerns. But it’s important to know what to do so you can bring a strong claim in court. After your accident, you should:

Get Medical Attention: Obviously, you should be sure you get the medical attention you need. Even if the accident didn’t cause injuries that required immediate attention, if you notice symptoms in the days following the accident, make sure you see a doctor and keep a record of your visits.

Reach Out to an Attorney: Contact a reputable personal injury attorney. Most offer free consultations to hear the details of your case. Once a lawyer has reviewed all the details, they’ll be able to determine whether you have a valid personal injury claim that will stand up in court.

Assist in the Investigation: To prepare for your case, your lawyer will complete a thorough investigation of your accident and what caused it. You can assist them by providing a full description of what occurred and following all instructions given to you by your attorney. Trust that they know what they are doing and do as you are asked.

Discuss the Type of Compensation You Need: The type of compensation you’re eligible for will depend on the extent of your injuries. You’ll have time to discuss with your lawyer the hardships the accident has caused in your life. You may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and more.

How Long Do Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in New York?

In the state of New York, there is a time limit for filing a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations for most personal injury cases in New York is three years from the date of injury. You must go to the court and file a lawsuit against those responsible for the accident within three years of the incident. However, it is essential to note that there are different deadlines depending on the type of case you want to file. The best way to ensure you file your claim within the limitations is to file it as soon as possible. Reach out to a lawyer as soon as you’re able to after the accident to get the process started.

Is New York a No-Fault Insurance State?

Yes, New York is a no-fault insurance state. This means that in most cases, insured individuals are reimbursed by their insurance company for damages and injuries regardless of who caused the accident. The insured individuals can be compensated for medical costs and other losses that may come about following the accident.

When Should I Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible following your accident. If you believe your injury was caused at the fault of another individual, there is no time to delay in contacting an experienced lawyer. You deserve to receive compensation to cover your medical bills and other expenses. A team like ours will help you get the money you need.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

There is no single answer to this question, as the time needed to settle a personal injury claim will vary from case to case. Because the other party can dispute the claim and present their own case, these cases can take some time to be resolved. It can take between one to two years to fully settle a personal injury claim in many instances.

What Does Personal Injury Compensation Include?

Compensation for a personal injury case can include many different things. If you win your personal injury case, you will likely receive reimbursement for the medical treatment you already received for your injuries, as well as compensation for the estimated cost of any medical care you’ll need in the future because of the injuries. You may also be entitled to receive additional compensation for lost wages or pain and suffering.

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If you have been injured in an accident, you don’t have to face things alone. The team at Forzano Law Firm is here to help you hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. We can help you file a personal injury claim and get you the compensation you deserve. Please reach out to us today if you have additional questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

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